The software package NeuGen is available for different platforms. Currently we support NeuGen for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The current standard distribution includes all new features and is stable.

System requirements

At the moment the system requirements are such that an i586 compatible CPU, >1GHz, 1024MB, is required for the Windows or Linux version of NeuGen.

For the Macintosh version of NeuGen Mac OS X, 10.4 or higher, and a G4 or G5 is required.

Java Runtime Environment (version 1.5 or higher).

The current standard distribution (version 1.7.2)

Binaries (Windows, Linux, Mac OS):


Before you can start NeuGen, please send us some informations about you and in what field you work. You will need a license key to start NeuGen. To receive your license key, please send an email to .

  1. Download the NeuGen package.
  2. Copy it in a folder of your choice and unpack the archive there.
  3. The packages include a binary file which is the program and all necessary configuration files and libraries.
  4. Now you can start NeuGen by double-clicking the program symbol or via a command shell.

To use the electrophysiological, compartmental neuron model for simulations with NEURON and with NeuGen, it is necessary to download and install an additional package of the ModelDB called Pyramidal Neuron Deep, Superficial; Aspiny, Stellate: Mainen/Sejnoski 1996 (pat-demo.tar) for NEURON.

Other downloads

The Javadoc documentation for NeuGen is helpful for developers who are interested in using and extending the NeuGen functionality. This documentation is automatically generated from comments within the NeuGen Java source code. Note that the javadoc may be browsed on-line here.

Download NeuGen javadoc (1.23 MB)

Previous distributions