To use the electrophysiological, compartmental neuron model for simulations with NEURON and with NeuGen, it is necessary to download and install an additional package of the ModelDB called Pyramidal Neuron Deep, Superficial; Aspiny, Stellate: Mainen/Sejnoski 1996 (pat-demo.tar)for NEURON.

Rasterplot created by NEURON.

Movie of the voltage spread in a network generated with NeuGen and simulated with NEURON.

Download movie of the voltage spread.

Table of electrophysiological parameters

Electrophysiological parameters taken from the HOCmodel files, differing slightly from the model described in Mainen ZF, Sejnowski TJ (1996) Influence of dendritic structure on firing pattern in model neocortical neurons. Nature 382:363-6.

Table of electrophysiological parameters.

Download the table as .pdf elPhysDatHOCmodel.pdf