NeuGenManual_v1.6.0.pdf (Version 1.6.0) (Download ParameterTable.pdf additionally)

NeuGenManual_v1.2.pdf (Version 1.2) (Download ParameterTable.pdf additionally)

NeuGenManual.pdf (Version 1.1)

ParameterTable.pdf (especially needed for version 1.2)

Configuration of NeuGen

The configuration of NeuGen is handled by the main configuration file Param.neu . The file contains the parameters for the different neuron classes and for the generation of the dendritic and axonal arbors. The length values are all given in µm. It is important that the configuration parameters for a base neuron class are inherited to all the subclasses.

Additionally, an internal configuration file Interna.neu contains all global constants and variables for the different neuron classes which are not a part of Param.neu. This file should be modified only after gaining some experiences with NeuGen!